Sew A Baby Bib In Under 30 Minutes

One of my best friends had a baby last month and I’m very happy to be his godmother. His name is Aiko and he’s super cute! So there will be some baby sewing this year!!
I’m starting off with an easy project but all young mommy’s need it. They need a lot of them actually. A bib. It’s not just your ordinary bib, it’s a stylish, cute little triangular bib. When the baby spilled some milk or when your baby is teething and drooling. You don’t want to change that soaked or stained neckline onesie every time. A little stock of these bandana bibs is a good way to keep the laundry at bay. And they also have the benefit that they look like a little scarf.

It’s a beginner proof project. And it is really fast. I timed it. If you have some experience, you should be able to finish one bib in less than 30 minutes. And most of you will have enough scraps of cute fabrics to make a whole set. But if you want the bib to be very absorbent (and not just cute) and easily washable, I advise you to choose fabrics made of terry cloth, muslin, flannel of jersey knit cotton. An old towel or a childs' t shirt can also do the trick!

You just need two pieces of fabric (22” x 8”), some pins or clips, 2 snap fasteners (plastic snaps or open ring buttons), matching threads, a sewing machine and the printable pattern. To have neat topstitching at the edges, I confy in my edge joining foot.

This pattern will fit most kids from 3 months to 2 years old.

The Steps

1. Copy the pattern onto both of your fabric pieces.

2. Cut both pattern pieces

When you open the pattern piece it should look like this. You should end up with 2 identical pieces

3. Pin the 2 bib pieces together, right sides facing.

4. Mark the turning hole so you don’t forget to leave an opening. Do it in one of the straight seams. Then it is easier to close neatly. The hole is approximately 1.5” wide.

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5. Sew all around using a 1/4” seam allowance and. I marked the opening on the pattern so you don’t forget. It’s always easier to close the opening in a straight seam.

6. Trim the edges and the corners. Don’t trim to much at the opening, you need some edge to close it nicely. Taper off at the opening.

7. Turn the bib inside out, push out the corners and tuck in the edges of the gap in, and pin it down or finger press.

8. Press the seams crisp with your iron

9. Topstitch all around at 1/8” to close the turning hole and to have a nice finishing. I used my edge joining foot to do this. Just snap it onto your machine and put your needle in the left position.

10. Add the snap fasteners at the 2 tips. I used open ring snap buttons. With that fabric peeking out, they really look lovely on these bibs. You can mix and match the colors with your fabric.

And this is how the bibs looks like on a cute baby boy of only 7 weeks old and on a big boy of 17 months!

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