10 FREE Sewing Projects for Beginners

Have you finally taken up sewing? Irresistible to be able to make your own unique stuff, isn’t it?
Well, here are some beginner sewing projects for you as well as some very cool DIY sewing tutorials! Now finish that project in no time with these step by step guidelines.

Just click on the title of each pattern and follow the link to the external website where you can download or print the pattern and get all the instructions.

We hope you enjoy these fun and simple sewing projects. Do let us know which ones you try out first.

Not only is this an easy sewing project, but it gets full marks for the utility. Marketplace iPad covers can not only get expensive, but they can also get too boring and common. So why not run by to the nearest fabric store and buy some quirky fabric for a unique iPad cover of your own? If you can stitch in a straight line, then this would be very easy for you to make. If not, then it’s still the perfect project to practice these skills!

DIY iPad tablet sleeve

This cute fabric drawstring bag can be used for things like toys, a mini diaper bag and more. It’s a great baby shower gift! Plus it’s a great sewing project for beginners.

Chances are, if you have a smart phone, you’ve found yourself at one point or another struggling to find a safe place to charge it. This sewing project is a perfect solution for keeping a charging phone protected while also stowing away the cord in a tidy fashion. The easy to follow tutorial also comes with a free pattern. Now that’s a win-win!

Who doesn’t love a tote bag? With only straight lines to sew, this bag is a perfect easy sewing project for beginners.a

It is fun to have special bags for taking trips or sewing classes. With a cute sewing motif and a clear vinyl bottom, you can easily see what is inside while showing your love of sewing.

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Protecting your sunglasses is a must. While the sunglass case that you get along with your sunglasses may do the job well, but they can often be bulky to carry around. So why not make an easy to carry case yourself? {Plus, it’s cuter too}

Store bought headbands can be uncomfortable at times. So, why not make your own?
This easy to make headband can be worn in a number of ways: twist to the side, over the forehead, or to pull your hair back.

Raise your hands if you’ve ever had trouble locating your earphones! Or if you always find them in a tangled mess. This earbud pouch is a hero - it will protect those precious earbuds with a sense of style. Plus, it’s also a great gift idea

If you’re looking to start off with sewing clothes, then this is the perfect project for you. This slightly gathered skirt with deep curved pockets and a tall waistband is a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

The easy to use pattern in this tutorial is by Megan Nielsen.

This project is a great way to practice sewing straight and clean lines. It is also perfect for practicing stitching on different fabrics such as linen and leather! Keep it for yourself, or use it as a perfect gift for any upcoming housewarming parties.

Do let us know if you liked our selection of beginner-friendly sewing tutorials, and if you ended up trying any of these projects.

Just click on the title of each pattern and follow the link to the external website where you can download or print the pattern and get all the instructions.


Happy Sewing!!