Ultimate Ironing Bundle

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Protective Ironing Cloth

  • Prevents shine marks, scorch, and flattening on delicate and textured fabrics.
  • Ideal for ironing sensitive fabrics such as silk, nylon, corduroy, and velours.
  • To use, just place the cloth on your garment and iron on the cloth. 
  • It’s see through so you can see clearly where you are ironing.
  • The cloth is reusable and machine washable, just toss it in your laundry to clean.

Size: 15 ½ x 23 ½  inch

Material: see through mesh fabric, color of the edge may vary.



Ironing Thimbles

Did you assume that burning your fingers is just part of the ironing - pressing - sewing game?

How much would you give to have heat resistant fingers when you are ironing that little detail and have to pull your hand away at the last second?

With these finger covers you can hold your hand where you need it. These silicone finger protectors are heat resistant, very soft, flexible, and they offer a good gripYou can touch your hot sole plate and won’t feel a thing. Ironing with these protectors will definitely make your ironing more accurate.

These heat resistant thimbles come in a pack of 3. You receive one small, medium, and large finger thimble. The three sizes ensure your best fit and they can be used on your thumb and index fingers - on either or both hands. They are very easy to put on and take off.

Let these Ironing Thimbles become a staple at your ironing board!

(You can also use them to eat hot chips :-))



Iron Rest

A flexible silicone pad for hot irons. 

The silicone withstands the heat of a hot iron sole and protects the surface underneath.

Resting your iron on the sole is safer and more steady than on its heel, especially on a wobbly ironing board. You can work faster, and it relieves your wrist while you iron because you don’t have to twist the iron multiple times on it’s heel. The raised dots of the Iron Rest will cool your iron faster. This low-tech and simple design is very durable. It does what it is supposed to do.

The Iron Rest provides a place to rest your iron safely while rearranging fabric on your ironing board. You can set the iron flat for a moment instead of having to stand it up. Use it to let your iron cool down on the pad, or even put it down flat for longer periods of time. Use it on ironing boards, pressing mats, tables or counters. The bottom of the pad will heat up a little with a hot iron on it for a longer period of time, so we advise you to still be careful on delicate surfaces like wood or a plastic cutting mat for example.

Easy to clean and store. You can either fold it, roll it up, or hang it on a hook with the hanging hole in the right corner

Dimension: 10 ¾  x 5 ¾ x ⅜ inch

Material: 100% Silicone

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Customer Reviews

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Penny Erickson

Good product at a good price.

Wayne Moore
Ironing bundle

I really like the pressing cloth. It works great and you can see your fabric through it.

Ultimate Iron Bundle -woohoo !

So thrilled with this purchase ! Have been searching for something to help with limited space , iron holder is perfect ! Does NOT Melt !! No more burnt fingertips with guards for finger tips AWESOME 👏! Took a chance and also ordered HEM guide - genius! Can not thank you enough for quality products and quick delivery 🚚. Very impressed with Madame Sew 🪡👚🧵, greatest company ever !

Absolute Must Have Bundle

I was looking to use in my sewing hobby, and I found this bundle which includes: an iron rest, silicone finger thimbles and a protective/delicate ironing cloth. These are great for ironing delicate and intricate trims/items in your sewing or would be fantastic to have for quilters. At the cost, it is an absolute steal!!!!

Pam Sastre
Ultimate Ironing Bundle

I ordered it for the see through ironing “cloth” and was dissatisfied - it is a mesh and leaves marks on the material.
The silicone fingers are clumsy, but work pretty good. Would of liked if all three were the same size.
The silicone iron mat is a good idea, even though I have an Oliso iron. I can still use it when I have my big board on and need to set the iron on the table