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This special bundle includes:

  • 1/4" Quilting Presser Foot With Guide
  • Darning Foot
  • Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Gel Pens

1/4" Quilting Presser Foot With Guide

The ¼” quilting foot with guide makes it easy for you to feed your quilt pieces through your sewing machine with an exact quarter inch seam allowance. Markings at the side indicate allow for perfect pivoting of corners and starting and stopping on complicated piecing. Also, use the Quilting Foot with Guide for stitching exactly 1/4" from a seam. This foot not only will keep your lines straight but it will keep your quilting stress free! That is a huge plus for both the novice and experienced quilter. Relax and enjoy your sewing!

Darning Foot

The Darning Foot has lots of uses. Use it for:

  • free motion quilting
  • repairing holes or tears in clothing
  • creating freehand monograms
  • free-hand embroidery
  • thread sketching
  • any other free-motion sewing

The hopper mechanism presses the foot firmly to the project, preventing the material from pulling up with the needle during sewing (flagging) and ensuring a neat stitch pattern. The transparent lower part allows the user to easily place and see the stitches.

Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Gel Pens

The unique gel ink of The Madam Sew Gel Pens makes clear marks on fabrics and disappears after ironing. Amazing!

They have a small, accurate writing point leaving a thin yet nicely visible line and work extraordinarily well on nearly all fabrics. So what you get is a thin, accurate and clearly visible mark that stays visible for as long as you want and is removed with an easy pass of the iron. A must-have for all sewing lovers!

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