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You probably have never had a roll of elastic in your hands that can be cut lengthwise like this one! That’s why we call it the Fantastic Elastic.

You can cut this knitted elastic any width and any length you want. Cut this 1-¼ Inch wide elastic lengthwise to a width of 1/4” without raveling, fraying or compromising the stretch. No more running to the store to have the exact width or stocking 5 types of elastic! 

The Fantastic Elastic has a nice lengthwise stretch. It is soft, strong, durable and very comfortable. It maintains its shape and retains the elasticity very well.

SUITABLE FOR: waistbands, sleeves, necklines, crafts, jacket waistbands, cuffs, direct fabric application, casing, shorts, maternity wear.


SIZE: 1-¼ Inch x 5 Yard

WIDTH : 1-¼ Inch, cut it lengthwise to any width, down to ¼ Inch

LENGTH: 5 yards

THICKNESS: 0.06 Inch


MATERIAL: 40% polyester (dacron) + 60% rubber

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Customer Reviews

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Sandy S.
Elastic that can be cut lengthwise - Fantastic

I was a wee bit worried when I received this elastic, because it was quite wide. Well, I read the enclosed instructions and was amazed that they were correct. I had no problem cutting this down to about 1/4" for a project I was waiting to be finished. You need to get a white and a black and just wait you will be so impressed, just keep them handy so when you need some stretch you got it.