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3PCS Applique Presser Feet Bundle

3PCS Applique Presser Feet Bundle

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Bundle Deal: Get 3 presser feet for the price of 1!

Of course you can use a regular presser foot for appliqué stitching, but the thickness of the stitching can build up, especially with satin stitches. This way the fabric does not feed smoothly under the foot because the foot is pressing against the stitches. And because the stitch length is short there is not enough grip from the feed dogs to make the fabric move smoothly. That’s why these specialty feet were created, to give you more visibility, let you maneuver easily through curves and corners and allow smooth feeding with the thickness of dense stitching.

This bundle has 3 different feet that are very handy for applique stitching. All 3 feet are made of clear plastic for easier viewing. The choice of the foot is related to the stitches you choose for your appliqué.

The satin stitch foot (1): Just like the open toe foot, the satin stitch foot has a recessed bottom. This grove is 3/16” wide. It lets the dense satin stitches pass smoothly. The front of the foot is semi-open, like most regular presser feet. It has a little mark (a V carving) at the front of the foot that provides an excellent stitching guide as you twist and turn. Keep this V at the edge of your fabric and your stitches won’t miss your appliqué.

The open toe foot (2) has an open front that gives the best visibility for accuracy. The bottom is slightly recessed so it can also travel over dense stitching. This wide groove or channel runs the length of the foot is 2/8” wide in the front and 3/8” in the back. It has a stitching area wide enough for maximum stitch width without compromising control. The toes of the foot are a bit shorter than a regular foot, but not as short as the appliqué or darning foot where you’re going completely free-hand. So if your appliqué has a lot of straight lines, maybe stick with this foot.

The applique foot (3) is a clear foot that is 3/4th shorter than a regular foot, and the shortest of the 3 feet in this post. This is the best one for maneuvering around curves and corners. It has a closed front with a little mark (carving) for the center needle drop point. The underside is flat before the needle drop point for optimum thread tension and it opens wide behind the needle to let stitching and fabric edges easily pass through.

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