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Open Ring Snap Bundle

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This value bundle includes enough parts to make 150 snaps, AND the specially designed pliers to make construction easier than ever!

This set is normally priced at $65.99, but you'll save OVER 50% with our special new release pricing! This deal only last a few days, and normal pricing will be restored sooner than you think!

These snap fasteners, press studs or poppers are mechanical fasteners that close or lock with a clicking or snapping sound. They are securely held in place with prongs. As they are no-sew fasteners, they make any project or repair you are working on much simpler. You just need pliers to secure the fastener on your fabric.

The top metal ring of the snaps features an open circle that allows the material to show through the center when the snap is attached to a project. The rings are painted in yellow, red, orange, purple, black, white, green, blue and pale blue. The snaps are size 15, which is 3/8” (10 mm).  

This set comes with 10 x 15 open ring snaps. There are 10 different colors, 4 parts for each snap, 2 caps (or rings) + 1 stud + 1 socket. With this set you can make 150 snaps. The box contains 600 parts in total.

The snaps can be used for different crafts or mending projects. They are often attached to baby and children's clothing, but can also be used as closures for lightweight apparel and accessories. Snap them on a bib or a pacifier string or on clothing like onesies or shirts.

These prong style snaps (5 point prongs) are best used with loosely woven or knit fabrics. Use no more than 2 layers of light to medium weight fabric with this size of snaps. They are machine washable, they won’t rust.

This Bundle Also Includes Pliers For Open Ring Snaps!

These professional hand held snap pliers are the tool you need to attach size 15 metal snaps to your projects. This tool is sturdy, durable and affordable.

It is the perfect tool to attach the size 15 open ring snaps you can find in our store

The package comes with 2 spare rubber rings for the pliers and a metal rod which you can use to tighten the buttons even more with a hammer.

You will love the ease and convenience of these pliers. It only takes a few seconds to install a snap. You take a cap and a socket, put them in the pliers, prongs facing the fabric, and close the pliers firmly. Now do the same thing with the a cap and a stud and you’ll have your snap

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