Bundle of Spool & Bobbin Buddies: 16 Spool Huggers, 16 Bobbin Holders and 16 Bobbin Clamps

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This is a mega value (65% off) bundle containing 16 PCS of all 3 components of the Spool & Bobbin Buddies System. With this bundle you get:

  • 16 Spool Huggers to keep your spools of all sizes from unravelling
  • 16 Bobbin Holders to keep bobbins and spools of matching colors organized
  • 16 Bobbin Clamps to keep your bobbins from unwinding

Spool huggers, bobbin holders and bobbin clamps are a complete system to keep your spools and bobbins neatly organized. They are easy to use, functional and fun! 


Detailed description 

Spool Huggers keep thread tails from unraveling and loosing tension, so you will never end up with a tangled mess of threads again. They are easy to use and fit on standard thread racks. 

Thread Spool Huggers fit all brands of home sewing, quilting, and embroidery thread spools.

Made of the highest quality memory silicone these spool huggers always magically spring back to shape after each use. Peels are flexible, reusable and designed to last a lifetime.

Bobbin Clamps hold bobbins (no matter how full or empty) tightly, keeping the thread from unwinding. It prevents a mess in your drawer and if bobbins are dropped on the floor, they don't roll 10 feet, unwinding as they go!

They are made of high-quality flexible memory silicone and open wide enough to fit over a completely filled bobbin, but also hold tightly onto empty bobbins. The design allows you to see the thread on the bobbin with the clamp attached, so you can easily see what color thread it is.

Works with (M, L, and A type bobbins). 

Bobbin Holders let you store all your bobbins on top of color matching spools. Keep your drawer clean and organized and no more wasting time looking for a bobbin to match. This is a must-have for an organized sewing room. And, not only does it organize, it will show you how much you actually have left of that color with the thread and matching bobbin being together. If you sew, you need these!

Works with (M, L, and A type bobbins), and adjust to different thread spool diameters (fits on spool openings from 0.25" (6mm) to 0.5" (13mm)). A perfect fit for sewing, quilting and embroidery thread spools.

These Bobbin Holders  are made of high-quality flexible memory silicone that sticks firmly inside the spool body on one end and the bobbin on the other. 

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