360PCS Colorful Snaps - Bring Color and Fun to your projects!

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This box of fun and colorful plastic snaps contains 24 colors of size 20 snaps in a handy organizing box. There are 15 snaps of each color. That's 360 fasteners in all! Having a box at hand with all these colors opens up a lot of possibilities.

The snaps are a great alternative to buttons and velcro. Attaching them is very straightforward and simple. They have a soft feel and are easy to open and close, even for kids. They have a good, strong hold. The colors are very vivid. The snaps are often used on baby stuff, like bibs, little vests, dresses, reusable diapers and wraps… but are also interesting for closing quilts or duvet covers. People use them for cosplay costumes or purses, cases and bags. Put them on mittens to keep them from disappearing, attach them to towels to keep them from falling of the rack… Soon you’ll be snapping a lot of things!

Pliers to attach the snaps not included. You can buy a bundle deal of the snaps + the pliers or the pliers separately.

THIS PRODUCT COMES WITH: A good quality plastic organizing box + 360 snaps = 15 snaps in 24 colors. Since you need 4 pieces for each snap, there are 1440 pieces in the box.

USE THEM FOR: most general projects like clothing, diapers, accessories, wallets, costumes...

SIZE OF THE SNAPS: size 20 or size T5, cap diameter = ½ Inch, this is the standard size and the most popular as well.

MATERIAL: resin, non toxic

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