Presser Foot Set Upgrade: durable organizer box, numbered slots, booklet, DVD and stylish package - no presser feet included

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As you bought a very basic 32 pcs. presser foot set, you've got those cool 32 Presser Feet already. Now make your Presser Foot Set PERFECT: get the gorgeous, mega functional Madam Sew Presser Foot Set Box. 

The time is now to upgrade. For a LIMITED TIME you can get it at 60% off!

The only thing you really need is the new, amazing box, the neat booklet, the DVD with tutorial videos, the snug placeholders (numbered as well), the images of all the feet... In short: everything except the feet, because you already got those!
So: we are offering everyone the option of ordering exactly that: the full monty, just leaving out the presser feet. Just transfer all the amazing presser feet from your set to the new stunning box, watching the DVD and perusing the lovely booklet at your leisure.
ADD your Upgrade to CART now! This is a one-time opportunity.
We don't foresee producing any more Set Upgrades.
Note: most slots in the Madam Sew Upgrade Box are for the same specific feet as the ones in the set you have. 
A few might be different though and the bonus adapter is also a unique feature in this set (meaning you haven't got that yet). You can order that bonus low shank snap-on adapter separately but most probably you do not need it as you have been using the feet in your set without issue. Just leave that slot open.
Here is a detailed list of differences in feet:
  • You've got a 7 groove pintuck foot (5 groove in the new set)
  • there are 4 different hemming feet in your set, only two such slots in the new set
  • there is an applique foot in the new set (not included in this upgrade, use slot for your hemming foot)
  • there is a standard zig zag foot in the new set (not included in this upgrade, use slot for your hemming foot)

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