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What's in this mystery bag?
There is something about mystery and there is something about getting a surprise. That is why we created this lovely mystery bag filled with awesome notions. All together these sewing aids are a $35 value and we know you are going to love and use them... a lot!
  1. The first item in the bag is soon going to become your best friend. Every seamstress, tailor, sewer or quilter has this and most even have multiple because you loose them very easily and you always want to have one at hand.
    But almost nobody has one that is this big, this comfortable, this handy. Upgrade to premium with this notion!
    Not available in our store... yet!
  2. Or you have these and you will enjoy to have some more, or you don't have these and a whole new world will open up for you!
    A extra hint? Lots of people use it also for crafts other than sewing or quilting. An unlike those fabric scissors, that nobody should use for anything else than cutting fabric, these stay in perfect shape when used on paper or cardboard!
  3. This third item is also one that everybody reading this has. Only this is the way better version. It is easier to use and so easy to store. Replace what you have now with this one and your sewing box (or purse) will be one step closer to perfectly organized.
    One more reason to want this? It has a nice design!
    Not available in our store ... yet!
  4. The last item in the bag is super popular with our customers. Most who buy once, keep coming back for more.
    You need these if you are organized. Moreover, they are cute and practical. Try these and you'll see they work like a charm. Be prepared to be wanting to purchase more!

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