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15PCS Fabric Cover Button Kit - 30L or 44L

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15PCS Fabric Cover Button Kit - 30L or 44L

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Regular price $12.99 USD $5.99 USD

With this kit, you can make your own fabric cover shank style buttons… choose the color, the design, the size and start assembling. It’s really easy! Making a button only takes a couple of minutes. You cut out a little circle of fabric, push it in the mold, put the button top in it, push the button back on top with the pusher. It’s as easy as that!

The kit contains the tools and the parts for 15 buttons. Select the size you want: 30L/19mm/3/4" or 44L/28mm/1".
We think it’s really great to have a little stash of these buttons, so you always have a button at hand in case you want to add one to your project. That’s why we sell in sets of 15 buttons.

One package has:

  • 15 metal button tops, the part that you will cover with fabric
  • 15 metal button backs, shank style, the part that will fit in the button top
  • 2 plastic tools: 1 mold & 1 pusher (= the bottle cap looking piece) to press everything together. The mold is transparent. You have a clear view to center the print on your fabric.

Read or watch everything you need to know about making your own fabric cover buttons in our blog post:

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